it is the other arts which taught me the art of writing

det er de andre kunstformene som lærte meg kunsten å skrive

~ maestro

Marek Stave, a filmmaker based in Norway.

Marek practiced experimental film at UCLA under Navid Sinaki and partook in master critique classes with James Benning at CalArts in 2019. In 2020, Marek was part of Ecole de Leth, a one-off short film program led by poet Jørgen Leth (86) at the Arken Museum of Modern Art.

Screenings & Exhibitions include: ASVOFF15 2023, Fashion Film Festival Milano 2018 & 2021, LAFFF 2022, Moscow Shorts, European Short Film Festival, Dazed Digital, El Apartamento Gallery (Cuba).


    (in appearance order)

    Emil Tholstrup

    Marek Stave

    Maria Grazia Di Meo


    On bass (sound recorded on set) and the sound mix edit: Robert Møller Strømgren

  • Introducing “Boundless Green,” an experimental short film by Marek Stave in 2021, with a runtime of 00:02:59. The film’s asymmetrical emotions converge to form a powerful whole.

    This short story delves into the duality of human existence, while also serving as a critique of the fashion industry. The film’s protagonist is weighed down by a jacket that represents the burden that causes him to experience feelings of desperation and even contemplate suicide. Through the power of visual storytelling, I hope to encourage viewers to shed their own burdensome “jackets” and embrace a life free of emotional turmoil.

    Like the intricate interplay of light and darkness, the film explores the complex relationship between fashion and the human experience. Accompanied by a poetic self-written poem and live choral music, the film’s Arri cinematography elevates the viewing experience.

    The film was inspired by a design concept and created for Tekla Lou, a fashion design student, to showcase at her annual presentation at Khio School of Design. Despite the challenges of filming during a pandemic-induced lockdown, “Boundless Green” was shot entirely on location in Oslo at Khio, making it a true testament to the power of creative perseverance.

    Designer: Tekla Lou Fure 

    Talent: Ayan Mou 

    Director of Photography: Martin Bremnes 

    Light and 1st camera assistant: Daniel Yul Kim

    Poem written by:  Tekla Lou Fure and X 

    Music: Schola Cantorum, «Lux Aurumque», Music 2L

    Make-up: Katarina Fedøy

    Produced by: Tekla Lou Fure 

    Location: KHIO 

    Written and directed: Marek Stave

  • In a stunning showcase of high-fashion set against the picturesque fjords, we present an intriguing short film that tells the story of a disillusioned fisherman who moonlights as a hobby taxi driver. As the upcoming event draws near, the fisherman’s anxiety builds to a fever pitch, culminating in a nightmarish vision of what’s to come. But amidst the fear and uncertainty, we’re reminded of the beauty of the natural world through stunning imagery of the local weather and landscape, as well as a poignant shot of an empty fish net.

    This film is a testament to the power of collaboration and was created with love for @venogard_kunst – Strikket, a local artist collective based on the idyllic Venø island off the west coast of Norway. By seamlessly blending high-fashion with the stunning backdrop of the fjords, we hope to inspire viewers to see the world through a new lens and embrace the beauty that surrounds them.

    Staring Olav Venø Director of Photography Bjørn Venø Submarine Cam-Operator Aleksander Eide Produced by Julia Venø and Marek Stave Song performed by Bjørn Inge Berge Vocals by Maria Helgesen and Maria Vengen Stand in Driver Marius Skavøypoll Text edited by Jessica Ann Venø

    Written and Directed by Marek Stave

    Special thanks to: Mathias and Svein Arne Kempenes Elaine Janice Venø and Olav Venø Ståle Eide Uniformpartner AS John Martin Vederhus Håvard Midtgård Jim Barmen Marius Skavøypoll

  • A psychic from Belarus living on the outskirts of Latvia telling a story. 

    Dogme obstructions: 

    ~ 1 object 

    ~ 1 person 

    ~ 1 room 

  • Set by the shore of an Oslo fjord a tactical game of chess is played between a man and his anxiety. To combat his fears he must play the match to win, understanding his existential worries and uncovering a path to ultimate freedom from fear.

    Starring Eili Harboe and Marek Stave

    Written and Directed by Marek Stave
    Director of Photography: Mario Poljac TTG
    Focus puller: Michael Lindberg
    Casting: Nina Wikstøl at Eckerbomcasting
    Edited by Sofia Kerpan and Marek Stave
    Music written and mixed by Aradea Barandana
    Poem by T.S. Eliot “East Coker”
    Poem narrated by Nora Schjelderup
    Costume Designer: Pauline Nærholm
    Hair & Make-up: Linda Wickman
    Wardrobe assistant: Karoline Austring
    Hair & make-up ass. Christina Rønningstad Sørlie
    Best Boy: Christian Halvorsen
    Produced by The Group

  • Set against the iconography of the Russian Orthodox Church, a young boy projects visions of his future – struggle, substance abuse and freedom.

    Ornate Russian iconography presented throughout the film is positioned as divine beauty for “beauty will save the world”* – the filmmaker explores the relationship between life, death and faith. The church and all it represents is a stark contrast to the realities of the boys future.

    The project has been shot in Florence, Milan, Los Angeles and Norway. Super 8 film has been used throughout the present story line juxtaposed with digital to showcase the future dream montage the boy experiences – the contrast between beauty and darkness.

    *(Dostoevsky, The Idiot)

    Starring: Mara Da Costa Reis, Aiden Medina, Fr. Nazari

    Written and directed: Marek Stave
    DP: Lidia Nikonova ⠀
    Costume: Megan Parsons
    Hair stylist: Trae Austin Elliott
    Hair assisted by: Steven Rodriguez
    Make-up: Avigon Paphitis
    Live Choir performance: HVM LA church choir
    Choir recording: Josep Ferrer
    Sound mix: Louis Deruddere
    Produced by: The Group

  • ‘Preacher’ was made in a few hours on the 16mm camera and is on display at the Artapartamento art gallery in Havana, Cuba. The purpose was to use a limited amount of time to come up with a documentary style concept that was uncontrived. The pressure of a time limit allowed the characters on display to tell their story rather than having too much involvement of the filmmakers. The subject of the film is really about the struggle of many people downtown and its contrast to the American dream. The film plays on the irony of what America and Los Angeles offers people and what the reality is for many people. I was interested in capturing this in a sincere way so thought this film style would be most suitable.

  • This is my baggage. These are my belongings. This is my heritage. The grass is greener on the other side. Those objects don’t belong there…

    Mise-en-scène. Two shots. 45 seconds.

  • Eugene Onegin, but in Malibu, but today. 



    Thea Sofie Loch Næss

    Nora Schjeldrup

    Yana Yatsuk

    Daniel Robinson 

    DP Amina Zadeh @aminaelizadeh

    AC Jacqui Carriere 


    Humming: Nora Schjeldrup 

    Poem by A. Pushkin narrated (in Norwegian by): Thea Sofie Loch Næss 

    Music: Stuart Leath (Emotional Rescue) 

    Song: “El Sacrificio de Catoul” by Louis Delgado 

    Edited by Marek Stave, Siena Sivrican 

    Assistant Producer Avigon Paphitis 

    Written, directed, produced: Marek Stave 

    Shot on Arri super 16 and Hi-8 film in Malibu, California.